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Telia Aqua Marine was established in 1986 with operations in the fish farming sector. The company’s control and ownership were transferred to Mr. Phrixos Koulermos in 1992. Today, it ranks as a leader in the Cyprus market. The company is engaged in the production of mostly sea-bream and sea-bass in open sea cages for the export and local markets (85,00% and 15,00% respectively). Telia Aqua Marine avails the largest onshore facilities on the island and also operates a Hatchery for the production of fish fry for exporting and internal use.

The company operates two fishing farms. The first one operates 28 cages and is located at Liopetri at the Southeastern coast of Cyprus, whereas the second operates 20 cages and is located at Vassilico/Zygi at the Southern coast of the island. The current capacity of the company is estimated over 1000 tons (sea-bream / sea-bass).

The company employees 14 employees in the Production/cages field, 12 employees in the production/Hatchery field, 7 employees in the Packing field and 3 and 8 employees are employed at Sales and Administration respectively. A number of specialists are employed in the fields of fish-stock monitoring, quality control, equipment upgrade/maintenance and production planning and control. A continuous upgrade in the equipment is followed, such as vehicles, boats, lifting equipment, etc. Diving personnel continuously attends courses for safe diving practices. The Packing facility complies with all food quality and hygiene specifications, as these are set by National and European Legislation.

The year 2000 was a milestone in the company’s development, when it was listed in the Cyprus Stock Exchange. The company trades in the Cyprus Stock market 22.727,000 securities of €0,34 par value and over 1.000 stockholders trust the company’s Management (for more information, please visit the C.S.E. website at www.cse.com.cy). In 2005 the company was renamed to Telia Aqua Marine Public Ltd.

Thanks to its relevant knowhow and experience, combined with an uncompromising commitment to quality safety and hygiene, Telia Aqua Marine Public Ltd has rightfully earned the trust of suppliers and customers alike, both in Cyprus and overseas.

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